Already eight months we have been participatinga in project "Climate language"

Project climate language is supported by financial mechanism of European Economic Area, within which Latvian 4H have established the experiment descriptions and videos, training materials. There have been "party with scientists", within witch we was telling and showing both to Latvian 4H members and students, what is climate change and why we should talk, think and worry about it? We are developing the guidelines about that what can be done in nature, what can be seen in it and why should we go in nature?
Our achievements:
  • In autumn we started natural observations, involving Latvian society as a whole, as well as the direct Latvian 4HTarget groups - students. Flash mob "Radi klasi" (what means show class) took place till 9th of September in 2015. In this flash mob had participated and posted their photos on social networks 63 Latvian class. In the second reporting period it was organized second flash mobs round that took place till 9th of October 2015. This flash mob was attended by 32 classes. Meanwhile, in  the observations of foliage of autumn yellowing leafs in portal placed in 178 observations, as well as  Latvian 4H members have sent in 639 digital photos;
  • We have developed descriptions of 10 experiments, witch soon will be found in our blog. There have been created 3 videos (7more is on their way);
  • Experiments have been created in Latvian 4H camp, as well as school visits in Kuldiga, Druva, Irlava and students lessons at the University of Latvia  Natural Sciences Academic Center. In general practical and theoretical lessons discharged to more than 500 students;
  • We have organized a one-day educational seminar for Latvian 4H leaders. From 26th  to 27th February is planned  second seminar!
  • There have been Created phenological guideline drafts (short version for students and the long version for the teachers);
  • We are creating teaching material for teachers (we are promising  that in school will be very interesting);
  • We have created the application for Iphone system;
  • We have been in TV and radio.

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