Seminar "The role of Rural Development Programmes in supporting semi-natural grassland managment in Boreal countries" open for participant registration


Latvian Fund for Nature and it's project GrassLIFE is co-hosting one of the workshops in the series of biogeographical seminars for grasslands in Boreal region. The series was initiated by the Boreal Grassland Group running in the framework of the European commission’s Natura 2000 Biogeographical Process. Previous workshop of the Boreal Grassland Group was held in Muhu, Estonia in October, 2017. The next event is planned in October 2018, in Estonia.

The workshop “The role of Rural Development Programmes in supporting semi-natural grassland management in Boreal countries” will take place on 26–27 July, 2018 in Latvia.

The event is organized by the Latvian Fund for Nature (GrassLIFE project LIFE16NAT/LV/262) and Estonian Semi-natural Communities Conservation Association (Norden grant).

This workshop will focus on Common Agricultural Policy and practical challenges of the Rural Development Programmes after 2020. It will be very practical, with visits to farms and expert discussions. During the workshop we will visit two GrassLIFE project partner farms.

All the expenses for the participants will be covered (except the travel cost to Latvia), and participation is free of charge.

Please register for the seminar before 18 July by using the registration form HERE.

Further details please see in the PROGRAMME.