Implementation of management plan of the nature park “Dviete floodplain”

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Latvian Fund for Nature
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Latvian Environmental Protection Fund, Ilūkste municipality
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Natura 2000 site “Dviete floodplain” 

Project Manager
Ģirts Strazdiņš
Project Co-ordinator
Ilze Priedniece
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Vīlandes 3-7, Rīga, LV-1010
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To evaluate the impact of habitat restoration and management actions of the LIFE+ project “Restoration of Corncrake habitats in Dviete floodplain Natura 2000 site” on the target species – the Corncrake –, and to ensure continuity of initiated management activities.

Project Activities: 
  1. Corncrake counts within the area of LIFE+ project (2010-2015) and in control routes; 
  2. Grassland management by removing shoots and stumps, thus creating a basis for application for funding of the Rural Development Programme (RDP) for Latvia for these areas hereafter; 
  3. Renovation of grazing enclosure in several sections;
  4. Organisation of a seminar with discussions in the field about agri-environmental payments for management of biologically valuable grasslands with participation of grassland habitat experts, representatives of the Rural Support Service and the land owners.
  1. Evaluation of Corncrake population in relation to the habitat restoration and management actions, implemented within the LIFE+ project “Restoration of Corncrake habitats in Dviete floodplain Natura 2000 site”;
  2. 24 ha of grasslands managed according to the needs of protected grassland birds;
  3. Grazing enclosure in a good technical condition;
  4. Conclusions/recommendations of the seminar for responsible authorities concerning potential amendments of the RDP and national regulations.


  • The seminar “Experience and challenges in management of biologically valuable grasslands in the Dviete floodplain” on 6 July, 2016 at 10:00 in Bebrene.